Vision and idle wish

Difference between vision and idle wish.

Vision is to have a vivid image. It is an idea or goal towards which one aspire. It is a goal you aligned your thoughts and actions to achieve . it is a purpose which you must fulfil. So what next? You start working and taking actions to achieve that vision.

Idle wish is an imagination you used to escape reality. It’s an imagination you used to make yourself feel good especially when you are facing difficult circumstances. The imagination keep changing just to make yourself feel good and to have some temporary peace. Idle wish do not last, it is full of unrealistic ideas and keeps changing as long as you do not face the situation. Idle wish hurts, it does not give you purpose or goals and just intoxicated your brain. There is no purpose therefore you don’t take any actions which is necessary if you want to change a situation.


“He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little; he who would achieve much must sacrifice much; he who attain highly must sacrifice greatly”